Does your career site remind you of an

old phone book ?

Wirkn was designed from the ground up to break down the barriers between candidates and hiring managers.

Improve Candidate Connections

What is it like to work for your company? What makes a great candidate?  98% of frontline job sites fall flat in this area.

Using the power of video, geo-localisation, a three minute user-centric application process, and interactive two-way messaging Wirkn amplify the candidate experience. 

Organizations spend a lot of time and energy in driving consumer conversions. Why not apply some of that same energy to your career site to find better candidates? 

woman laughing surrounded by bubbles
Applicants page

Streamlined Hiring Experience

Wirkn acts as a unified funnel so that all applications are centralized on a single platform. This allows hiring managers to drive candidates through a single process – no more paper resumes, disjointed email or text applications and so forth. 

At the heart of Wirkn is a unified messaging capability- text and email communications- that allows Hiring Managers to centralize and reuse (through messaging templates) messages and respond in real-time to candidate inquiries. This helps to ensure that candidates are kept in the loop with respect to their application process. 

From a workflow standpoint, Hiring Managers benefit from intuitive dashboards that enable real-time applicant tracking, move candidates down the funnel seamlessly and stay ahead of hiring needs. All from the palm of their hands.