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Trends and tips for recruiting and hiring hourly employees

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The lack of hourly employees is a major setback to the growth of Ontario retailers, hotels, grocers and restaurants.

Businesses are unable to hire enough employees to operate at full capacity, which causes revenue losses, unsatisfied customers, and unhappy, not to mention overworked, employees. This reality will only continue to worsen in 2022 and businesses need to start reviewing their recruitment and hiring processes.

During this Webinar, we will explore certain trends that we are seeing in the North American market as well as innovative approaches that allow many Ontario retailers and restaurants to attract and, above all, convert a larger number of candidates.

In the end, the best candidate experience always wins.

Laurent Bounin

Laurent Bounin


Laurent is an executive with 15 years of experience in digital transformation. His experience in sales and partnership management in the public and private sectors extends internationally in the United States, France and Canada. Laurent lead the sales efforts for many system integrators and software providers; he is also a frequent speaker specializing, in particular, on open-source business models, and is a GLG consultant.

peter gold

Peter Gold

HR & ATS Expert, Guest Speaker

Peter Gold is a highly experienced talent acquisition specialist and ex-recruiter with over 30 years of experience. In 1999 he built one of the UK’s first Applicant Tracking Systems and has since worked with large organizations on their direct resourcing strategy. He has worked as an industry analyst publishing numerous white papers, books and blogs focused on the continual evolution of talent acquisition technology and how this impacts hiring. 

Presented by: Angela Williams

Corporate strategy consultant, Leaderkey Consulting

Leaderkey Consulting

Leaderkey is a leading strategy consulting firm offering first-rate consulting services and tailor-made solutions to increase the effectiveness, productivity, and profitability of individuals, teams, and enterprises. With over 30 years of experience in various sectors and hundreds of strategic projects, We provide managers with all the necessary assistance to make their business strategy a success and turn their goals into reality.

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